Service Department

Our experienced, certified technicians offer the following services:

Pool Openings and Closings
Available for In-Ground and Above-Ground Pools

Full Openings

  • Winter Cover - clean of water and debris, remove from pool and fold
  • Remove all winter plugs
  • Install any equipment removed for winter
  • Check that equipment is in proper working condition
  • Start system
  • Test water and add necessary chemicals

Partial Openings

  • All shown above for Full Opening excluding cover handling

Full Closings

  • Lower water level
  • Clean filter
  • Blow out all lines
  • Add antifreeze (inground pools)
  • Shut down system
  • Test water & add necessary chemicals
  • Cover pool with winter or safety cover

Partial Closings

  • All shown above for Full Closings excluding lowering of water and cover placement

Maintenance / Service
Weekly, bi-monthly, monthly maintenance is available


  • Skimming and vacuuming pool
  • Testing water
  • Balancing water chemistry
  • Checking equipment

Repair / Installation
Available on In-Ground and Above-Ground Pools


  • Leak Detection (In-ground only)
  • Installation and Repair of all types of pool equipment including pumps, heaters and filters.
  • Installation of all Pool Accessories
  • Measure and Install Safety Covers
  • Measure and Install Vinyl Liner Replacements (Inground Only)