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Above-Ground Pools and Spas

Aboveground Pools and Spas
We offer Nordic Hot Tubs and high-quality steel & resin pools by Swim 'n Play. The all aluminum, Radiant Pool has been added to the lineup, and all models are on display in our store. We can also provide fencing and decking, including the popular promenade.


We specialize in custom made inground vinyl liner replacements.  We also offer a variety of blue, print bottom, full print overlap, and beaded, aboveground vinyl liners in all sizes, including custom liners.

Parts and Supplies

Parts and Supplies
aquacraft POOLS stocks an extensive inventory of top quality parts and supplies from manufacturers such as Pentair, Raypak, Jandy, Hayward, Sta-Rite, and American.  We can also order nearly any new or replacement part that you need for your inground or aboveground pool and usually have them available within 48 hours.  We discount our prices to make it affordable to keep your pool in perfect shape, running like new, and outfitted with the best equipment on the market.  Our service department can install all products.

Pool & Spa Chemicals

Pool and Spa Chemicals
We carry a full range of pool and spa chemicals featuring Pool & Spa Boss, Frog Mineral Systems, Nature 2, New Water, and Eclipse.  You can be assured that each chemical is full strength and that our knowledgeable and accommodating associates will never sell you chemicals that you don't need.

Chemical Lab

Chemical Labratory
In our fully equipped chemical lab, we can test samples of your swimming pool and spa water to provide you with a computer-generated analysis displaying the composition of your water and any needed additions to achieve the correct balance of chemicals to keep your pool or spa clean and crystal clear.  Be sure to bring fresh (no older than 2 hours) water samples in clean, water bottles or sample bottles, available at our store.


aquacraft POOLS maintains a large supply of pool accessories -- from nets, brushes, poles, thermometers, and hoses, to ladders, fences, automatic pool cleaners, and solar covers.  In stock or by order, you can find paint, tile, gaskets, lights, pool signs, and safety equipment, and dozens of other pool accessories.

Inflatables & Toys

Inflatables and Toys
We stock a variety of products to add to your enjoyment of your pool.  Whether you're looking for ways to relax, get active, or to beautify your pool, aquacraft POOLS has what you need - floating lounges, water games, snorkels, fins, fountains, candles, and the newest sensation, Paddleboards. Come in and browse in our beautiful store.  You're sure to find just the right thing!

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